Stephen Moller released week early

Convicted of killing gay Sean Kennedy in 2008

by Matt Comer  Editor
Published: July 1, 2009 in News

Stephen Moller

Stephen Moller

GREENVILLE, S.C. The man found guilty of the May 15, 2007, killing of openly gay Sean Kennedy was released from prison a week early.

Stephen Andrew Moller was released from his 5-year suspended sentence on July 1. His sentence had already been reduced by two months after receiving a good behavior credit for receiving his GED while in prison.

“Again the judicial system failed they say one thing and do something else,” Sean’s mother Elke Kennedy said in a release. “He should have served every single day of the already short sentence, instead he was released from prison today, one week early. Where is the justice?”

On Feb. 11, Moller was denied early parole and his original release date was set to July 7.